RIWAQ targeted the agriculture business sector to be their next step, while establishing RA® to secure a leading position through the MENA region.
RIWAQ has successfully signed an MOU with Seabourn Company to develop the agriculture sector within KSA.
Seabourn Company provides the full suite of investment banking services with an emphasis on the agribusiness, industrial, metals and minerals in related sectors.

Opportunity Overview

  • Efficient use of water for agriculture and other uses.
  • Sustainable management of natural resources.
  • Adoption of innovative agriculture technologies.
  • Sustainable food security.
  • Development of agro-economic international relationships.
  • Contributing to sustainable rural development and empowering small farmers.
  • Promote plant and animal health and ensure the safety of agricultural outputs.
  • The government consistently supports the agricultural sector in compliance with WTO commitments.

Project Status

  • The project is still in the early stage of technical knowhow partnerships.
  • Fund raising expected by 2021.